Posted - November 15, 2012

Daniel: Gastric Bypass Surgery

I tried different types of diets, I tried exercise, I tried cutting out carbs and tried cutting out sugars but to a certain point I was so overweight that working out was difficult. Doing anything was difficult. So attempting to go to the gym five days a week was just not really possible anymore. Learn More
Posted - August 6, 2010


My name is Cindy and I had Lap-Band Surgery 16 months ago, and I have lost 108 pounds so far. And it has really changed my life, I’m much more active than I used to be. I feel so much better, I have much more energy, I can do all the things my kids always wanted to do. And I just feel so much better. My husband can put his arms around me now. And life is just great. Learn More
Posted - July 8, 2010

Gareth: Gastric Bypass

Before I had the surgery, I suffered with type 2 diabetes. I had very high blood pressure. I’m a soccer coach and a referee and I had trouble with the knee joints. Just basic pain from even laying down or exercise, whatever. Since the surgery, I am now not diabetic. My blood pressures runs at about 110 over 60 each time I have it checked. So all the medical problems seem to have gone away. Learn More
Posted - May 8, 2010

Christina: Gastric Bypass

For people that are looking to have weight loss surgery, I would tell them that it is a huge commitment, it’s a life long commitment and it’s a tool. And you have to make the choice of weather you want to use that tool. But I would definitely do it again and I would recommend it. If it’s the right choice for you to definitely look into it. Learn More
Posted - March 10, 2010

Rhonda Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

One year ago right about now, I was being wheeled into the OR to have my Gastric Bypass done. How much a year has changed! Thought I may wish to have lost a little more this year, 93 lbs is nothing short of a miracle. Learn More
Posted - August 5, 2009

Kim Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss Surgery Date - 2003My Experience with Dr. StewartMy first impression of Dr.Stewart was that this was a man that knew his Learn More
Posted - June 12, 2009

Greg Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss Surgery Date - 1998Dr. Darrel Stuart from the Weight Loss Specialists is a quiet and gentle doctor. He is reassuring and Learn More

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