Weight Loss Surgical Options

Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas is built on a foundation of compassionate and customized care. And since weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, this is so important! Treatment plans are as unique as the individuals who come to us for help. Your weight loss journey is uniquely yours.

Many people find that losing weight can be a lonely and frustrating process. For some people living with obesity, diets and/or medical therapy have not produced any real or lasting solutions to their weight problems. If you’re looking for a safe, effective and permanent weight reduction, bariatric surgery (sometimes referred to as weight loss surgery) may be the answer for you.

Malabsorptive Weight Loss Surgery

Malabsorptive procedures often involve rerouting the intestinal anatomy to reduce the body’s ability to digest and absorb food. These procedures are often referred to as intestinal bypass operations or gastric bypass operations and are usually used in combination with restrictive approaches.

Examples of Malabsorptive Weight Loss Surgeries:

Duodenal Switch

Single Anastomosis Duodeno Ileal Bypass (SADI)

Gastric Bypass

Restrictive Weight Loss Surgery

Some bariatric surgery procedures work solely by restricting the amount of food and therefore calories a person can take in. These procedures focus on changing the size of the stomach in some way and do not have an associated intestinal component.

Examples of Restrictive Weight Loss Surgeries:

Body Mass Index Explained

What is your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Although a majority of people are not aware of their BMI, that number has a profound influence on your health and life expectancy. Studies show that a BMI over 25 can have serious consequences in regards to your health. Medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are associated with excess body weight. In turn, heart disease – the #1 cause of death in the USA – is directly associated with diabetes and hypertension.

A BMI over 30 has an even greater impact on health. Once your BMI is over 35, most medical institutions and some insurance companies will support surgical weight loss. A BMI over 40 has been shown to shorten life expectancy by 8-13 years.

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