Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Unfortunately, there is no 100% fool-proof method to lose weight and keep it off. Whether it be diet and exercise, weight-loss prescription medications or surgical procedures, every option has an inherent failure rate. Although the failure rate is lowest with surgery, 10-30% of people will regain weight after a surgical procedure for weight loss.
The reasons for this are not always clear.

For individuals that gain a modest amount of weight, the solution might simply be to return to the basics. Sometimes, deviation from the original behaviors learned after surgery can cause weight regain. For others, there is a technical issue with the operation causing weight regain. Again, there are many reasons for weight regain, and these should be discussed with Dr. A.

For those that have gained a significant amount of weight back, bariatric revisional surgery may be necessary.

If you have had weight loss surgery and find yourself back where you started (or close to it) don’t lose hope. Dr. A can perform revisional surgery. He specializes in procedures to address weight regain after the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgeries. At Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas, we also remove and convert the Lap-Band procedure.

Who Should Consider Bariatric Revisional Surgery?

01 People who have experienced weight regain after weight loss surgery (lap band or gastric bypass)

02 People experiencing medical problems arising from previous weight loss surgery that cannot be corrected by non-surgical means

03 People who have seen inadequate weight loss (BMI from the 60s down to 40s after a weight loss procedure)

How is a Revisional Procedure Performed?

Depending on your original procedure, Dr. A will discuss reasonable bariatric revisional surgery options that are proven to help you re-establish or establish the weight loss you desire.

Some types of bariatric revisional surgery we offer are:

  • Reversal of gastric bypass
  • Removal of Lap-Band
  • Gastric bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy conversion to Duodenal Switch
  • Lap-Band conversion to Sleeve Gastrectomy,
    Bypass or Duodenal Switch
  • Vertical banded gastroplasty (VGB) conversion to Sleeve,
    Bypass or Duodenal Switch
  • Other revisions as clinically indicated
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