Dr. A is highly sought after for his surgical skills and countless success stories, but he is most loved by his patients for the way he makes them feel—empowered, strong and capable—with no shame attached.

Ryan K.

“Being a doctor myself, I would just get shamed whenever I would talk to my doctor about my weight. Dr. A didn’t do that. He has a lot of empathy, and just made me feel like I could do this, and everything was going to be okay. This has been such a game-changer. I am in better shape and health than I have ever been in my entire life. It’s awesome when you look in the mirror and finally see the person you always knew was in there. I knew he was in there; I just needed some help to get him out.”

Read Ryan’s life-changing story here.

Support for The Journey

If you’ve tried diet and exercise and feel like nothing works, we can partner with you, bringing the support and solutions you need on your weight loss journey. So, whether you need to lose a little or you need to lose a lot, we can help you get there.

The Weight Loss Specialists approach to patient care is a little old-fashioned, but across the board, our patients love it. We believe we have to earn trust by treating people with respect, showing genuine care and building relationships. This takes time but we believe it is time well spent.

If obesity is part of your story, you don’t have to hide. You can lose the weight, regain your health, improve your quality of life and feel great about yourself. So, discover your best you today!