What is SADI?

SADI-S stands for Single anastomosis duodeno-ileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy. It’s a mouthful, but one worth knowing about! SADI-S is a new surgical treatment option for morbid obesity that is basically a variant of duodenal switch surgery, in which a single intestinal bypass is made as opposed to two.

As a result,patients spend less time in surgery and are exposed to fewer risks for complications. Initial studies indicate it provides greater weight loss than a standard gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy without increased complications.

How Does the SADI-S Work?

There are two steps involved in the SADI-S Procedure:

01 First, we perform a sleeve gastrectomy to remove a portion of the stomach.

02 Second, the intestine is detached just below the stomach and then reattached to a loop of intestine further down.

This allows food to bypass the part of the intestine that is metabolically active. Patients experience reduced appetite so they eat less. They also experience hormonal changes that positively affect their metabolism.

  • If you have had a previous bariatric procedure (Lap-band, gastric bypass or sleeve) and have regained weight, SADI-S can help you lose that weight – and keep it off.
  • If you need to lose a lot of weight (BMI >45), SADI-S can help you lose more weight compared to other weight loss procedures.
  • You must commit to lifelong vitamin replacement and close monitoring by your weight loss surgeon.
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