Posted - July 5, 2024

DOs and DONTs of Eating Out After Weight Loss Surgery

Food. It’s necessary for your survival, but if you’ve battled obesity, the thought of food can trigger all kinds of thoughts, reactions and emotions. For post-weight loss-surgery patients, food can no longer be used as a way to deal with stress or emotions, instead, it requires a disciplined and intentional approach to ensure you’re consuming the right amounts of the right kind of food. This is most easily accomplished through cooking your own meals, but let’s be real - it’s nice to take a break and let someone else do the cooking every now and then! Let’s take a look at how to successfully navigate the times when you aren’t eating at home. Eating out at restaurants after weight loss surgery requires careful planning and mindful choices to ensure you adhere to your dietary guidelines and maintain your weight loss progress. Here are some tips for successful dining out post-surgery: Learn More
Posted - June 5, 2024

BMI Over 40? The Duodenal Switch is Your Best Option.

Knowing which weight loss option is right for you can be confusing, overwhelming and even a little scary. A quick Google search will provide you with a nearly unlimited list of the “best” ways to lose weight. But for those who continue to struggle and continue to put on pounds, there ARE options that can give you real results that last a lifetime. One of those is the duodenal switch. The duodenal switch typically results in greater weight loss compared to other bariatric procedures like gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. Patients can lose up to 70-80% of their excess weight within two years post-surgery. Learn More
Posted - May 9, 2024

Health Benefits of Weight Loss and Strategies to Make it Happen

In addition to these strategies, bariatric surgery and medications can be very effective tools when battling obesity. Many people find that surgery and/or medication allows them to finally break through and attain real and lasting results. Remember that weight loss is a gradual process, and it's essential to focus on overall health and well-being rather than just the number on the scale. Consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program is also recommended, especially if you have underlying health conditions or concerns. If you’re ready to take the next step in your weight loss journey, Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas is here for you. No blame, no shame - just compassionate care that gets results. Learn More
Posted - April 5, 2024

Obesity Related Type 2 Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

While bariatric surgery can be highly effective for treating obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, it's important to note that it's not without risks. Like any surgical procedure, bariatric surgery carries potential complications, and it requires careful consideration and evaluation of the individual patient's medical history and risk factors. Furthermore, bariatric surgery is most successful when combined with long-term lifestyle changes, including dietary modifications and increased physical activity. These changes are essential for maintaining weight loss and maximizing the health benefits of the surgery. Learn More
Posted - March 11, 2024

Worth the Fight

Faced with the harsh reality of either making changes or living a life of declining health, Alecia decided to fight. As she puts it “I have two young kids that I need to be here for.” So what did she do? The first thing she did was contact her insurance company to see what options she had, “They had this program and I wanted the top doctor in North Texas. The doctor that came up was Dr. Ayoola." Learn More
Posted - January 4, 2024

Getting Back to Her Best

Active and athletic. That’s how Mandy Crowell describes herself. She also remembers growing up in a house where both parents worked and most of the meals were quick, easy and not all that nutritious. But it was the 80’s and “clean eating” just meant you used a napkin to wipe your mouth! So she never really learned good eating habits, but it didn’t really matter because she was young and busy playing sports. Learn More
Posted - November 29, 2023

What is the Cost of Obesity?

Take a moment to consider and it won’t take long to realize that obesity causes nearly as much harm to your bank account as it does to your health! Learn More
Posted - November 6, 2023

What is the Duodenal Switch? Is it Right for Me?

The biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) is a well-established weight-loss surgical procedure that provides excellent weight loss and long-term resolution of health conditions associated with obesity. This operation is usually, but not always, reserved for the extremely obese (with a BMI of greater than 50) because this surgery tends to result in more significant weight loss compared to other weight loss procedures. Learn More
Posted - October 3, 2023

Weight Loss Surgery – What Are My Options?

Each type of bariatric surgery has its own benefits and potential risks. It's important for individuals considering bariatric surgery to work closely with a medical team, including a surgeon, dietitian, and other healthcare professionals, to determine the most appropriate option based on their individual needs and health status. Learn More

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