Posted - May 8, 2010

Christina: Gastric Bypass

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Christina. I had the Roux-en-Y procedure about 6 years ago and I’ve lost a little over 125 pounds.  I used to work in the apartment industry and I was required to walk flights of stairs and being that heavy, over 250 pounds, by the time I got to the third flight of stairs of the touring apartment it was pretty hard to talk much let alone breathe at that point. Once I had the surgery I saw a huge difference with being able to move and walk and breath. I really realize how miserable I was, before it never really hit me.  And I saw huge changes just six months after surgery.

For people that are looking to have weight loss surgery, I would tell them that it is a huge commitment, it’s a life long commitment and it’s a tool.  And you have to make the choice of weather you want to use that tool.  But I would definitely do it again and I would recommend it. If it’s the right choice for you to definitely look into it.