Posted - August 6, 2010


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Video Transcript

My name is Cindy and I had Lap-Band Surgery 16 months ago, and I have lost 108 pounds so far. And it has really changed my life, I’m much more active than I used to be. I feel so much better, I have much more energy, I can do all the things my kids always wanted to do. And I just feel so much better. My husband can put his arms around me now. And life is just great.

Being the fat person that I was, I mean you do obsess about food. It’s hard to go on a diet and try to restrict the amount of food I can eat, because yeah it’s all you think about, when do I get to eat again, when do I get to eat again. Lap-Band has gotten me past that. So that now eat everything that I want to, like they told us in the beginning. It was never a diet; it’s a change in how much you eat. So it can help me get past that, I was never able to do that before on my own. So now this does help me limit the amount I can get on my own in a nice healthy way. I try to eat better; I try to do what they tell me to do. I have more meat, less carbs and things like that. Eat more vegetables, so I do try to eat a lot better than I used to. But it does help me maintain those portions that I need, and it also makes me feel full longer so that I’m not hungry all day long.

I work from home on a computer all day long, my company is in Florida. And I can just snack all day long, because there wasn’t anything else to do. You know you eat when you’re bored, so now I don’t have that need anymore because I’m not hungry all day long. So it has really helped with that.