Posted - November 15, 2012

Daniel: Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Daniel Weight Loss Success

Simple everyday things that I didn’t realize were a problem before got easier; tying my shoes is not a struggle anymore. Walking up and down the stairs and I’m not out of breath. I can run up and down the stairs if I want to now, which I couldn’t do before.

I didn’t even realize that I was struggling to do so many everyday things while I was overweight. I really noticed once I started losing the weight and those things became easier for me that it was a problem before.

*I tried different types of diets, I tried exercise, I tried cutting out carbs and tried cutting out sugars but to a certain point I was so overweight that working out was difficult. Doing anything was difficult. So attempting to go to the gym five days a week was just not really possible anymore.

I definitely would recommend Dr. Stewart for anybody that is thinking about doing the gastric bypass surgery, or any kind of weight loss surgery.