Posted - December 18, 2012

Your Weight Loss Soundtrack

Motivate yourself with music after Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass in Dallas

Motivate yourself with music after Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass in DallasHow music can motivate you after weight loss surgery

If you’ve had a weight loss surgery like sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass in the Dallas area, the procedure will help you lose weight, but it’s up to you to stay motivated as you do so. After all, the mind is just as important to weight loss as the body—without focusing your mind on the task at hand, your body will have a much harder time reaching the goals you’ve set for it.

Motivation can come from many places, and different sources may be best for different situations. If you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up, a simple quote can give it to you, while your bariatric surgeon may be able to share encouraging words that keep you concentrated on the future. But when it comes to revving up your exercise routine, few things will do the trick quite like a good playlist.

Music and movement are almost inseparably linked in our culture—just visit a local nightclub or disco for proof—and research shows that music has a very real impact on our exercise abilities. Studies have demonstrated that working out with music can help you:

  • Reduce feelings of fatigue
  • Improve your endurance
  • Feel more excited about exercise
  • Minimize the effort you perceive yourself to be exerting

Regardless of the workout you choose, setting it to a soundtrack can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of a workout as well as its efficiency. However, we aren’t all born motivational DJs—if you’ve never tried putting together a workout playlist, it can be hard to know where to start.

Never fear—in addition to uncovering the benefits of working out with music, experts have found that certain songs are sure to give you a bigger motivational boost during exercise. To make the most of your workout playlist, start by including:

  • Your favorite songs. We tend to get a bigger boost out of tracks we know the best, so your go-to choices should be the tracks that get your blood pumping the most. Think about songs you’ve loved for a long time, tunes that are sure to light a fire under you. We also tend to be more energized by culturally-relevant songs we associate with stories of triumph or dedication. Though you may think “Eye of the Tiger” is cheesy, its association to Rocky’s unwavering determination may give you a much-needed workout boost in the moment.
  • Songs with strong beats. Classical music may be great for classy dinner parties, but you probably won’t want to throw it on during an intense sweat session. Research shows that the most effective workout tracks are those that fall between 120 beats per minute (like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) and 140 beats per minute (like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”). Look for rhythmic rock, pop and dance songs and synchronize your pace to their infectious energy.
  • Songs with meaningful lyrics. Sometimes, we get the biggest motivational boost not from the music itself, but the message conveyed by the song’s words. Picking songs with lyrics that carry deep meaning for you can have a big impact, so try to find songs with powerful lyrical messages that you’ve always found inspiring. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is known for listening to self-affirmed rap stars like Lil Wayne before competing—pick whatever makes you feel like a champion.

Music is more than just entertainment. After a weight loss surgery like sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass in Dallas, it can be a valuable tool in staying motivated, especially during exercise. What are some of your favorite workout songs? Share them in the comments below!

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