Posted - April 1, 2022

Weight-Loss Surgery Revision Can Equal Success

Thomas Edison conducted experiments with more than 6,000 filaments before finding one that would glow brightly and burn for an extended period of time. Leo Tolstoy’s wife, Sophia Tolstaya, completed up to seven separate drafts of War and Peace before her husband deemed it ready for publication. And George Lucas pitched Star Wars to three studio owners before someone took a chance on his wild idea—even then production fell way behind and received initial negative reviews.

So when you find your weight loss surgery didn’t turn out to be the answer you had hoped for, don’t give up hope. Many success stories experience initial setbacks; the key is not giving up hope. Folahan Ayoola, MD, founder of Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas, can find the solution for you. Dr. A, as his patients and staff affectionately call him, is not only a bariatric surgical specialist, he’s also adept at revisional bariatric surgery.

Find the Surgery Best for You

Minimally invasive and low-risk, lap band procedures tend to be more dependent on patient education and follow up for success. Hospital stays and recovery times are shorter than other weight-loss surgeries and it’s the only reversible option currently available. While many people find success with gastric banding procedures, among weight loss surgeries, lap band techniques have the highest revisional rate.

If you’re seeking an option to revise your bariatric surgery, Dr. A can help. While no diet or weight-loss program or surgery can guarantee the results you seek, Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas puts patients first in determining the best options for reaching their desired weight goals.

Revision Works for Myriad Reasons

Even though the success rate is high for bariatric surgery patients, 10 to 30% of people will regain weight after a surgical procedure for weight loss. The reasons vary from patient to patient but safe and effective revisions are available, including replacing a lap band with a sleeve gastrectomy or removing the lap band entirely. 

Some patients find a duodenal switch works better than their original sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. Or a gastric bypass can be reversed. It’s also possible that the original procedure simply malfunctioned and Dr. A can explore repairing a technical issue. Every solution starts with a one-on-one consultation with an experienced bariatric surgeon like Dr. A. 

Most importantly, if your initial weight loss procedure didn’t produce the desired results, know that options are available. Perhaps your previous physician didn’t choose the procedure best suited for your goals. Or maybe you opted for a less invasive surgery than what your initial weight required for success.

Let Us Be Your Weight-Loss Partner

If you’ve experienced less than ideal weight loss or have gained back weight after reaching your initial goal, don’t despair. One setback doesn’t equal failure. Our specialty is addressing concerns like yours. When you’re ready to take back your life and finally lose weight, feel good and get healthy, let us partner with you.

Bariatric surgery has helped people just like you lose weight so they can get on with living the life they’ve always dreamed of. Schedule a no-risk, no-obligation consultation online or call our office and let someone on our team answer any questions you may have. Your goals mean everything to us!