Posted - April 2, 2018

Obesity Deaths per Year in America

Obesity Deaths per Year in America

Obesity is Killing America. The U.S.A is deemed as one of the top 20 “most obese places in the world, 2018”. One-third of Americans are overweight or obese. The Center for Disease Control says attributed obesity deaths per year in America are over 76,000, which is almost double attributed to car accidents (40,000) and over 5 times the deaths attributed to gun violence (15,000).

But that is not the entire story

Obesity puts a person at an exponentially higher risk for six (bold below) out of the top ten leading causes of deaths per year the United States.

The top 10 causes of death per year according to the CDC are:

  • Heart disease: 633,842
  • Cancer: 595,930
  • Chronic lower respiratory disease: 155,041
  • Accidents: 146,571
  • Stroke: 140,323
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 110,561
  • Diabetes: 79,535
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 57,062
  • Kidney disease: 49,959
  • Suicide: 44.193

Obesity Deaths per Year Connections

How many obesity deaths per year are there? The CDC says over 76,000, but no-one officially knows.

Some of the latest research shows:

  • Obese women have a 50% greater chance of developing certain types of cancer then women of normal weight.
  • A high connection between obesity and depression – which is one of the leading contributors of suicide.
  • Patients who receive weight loss surgery reverse, eliminate, or have significantly less probability of symptoms of heart disease, CLRD, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.
  • If your BMI is 30 or more, your mortality rate increases 50-100% above others who have BMIs between 20-25.

Our bodies are not built to function with extra weight and it’s only a matter of time before things shut down.   Think about carrying two buckets full of water, one in each hand. No problem – at first. But then, your hands start pounding from the bucket handle…your arms start shaking a bit… give it a little time and your hands and muscles will completely give out.

We blame it on weak hands or arms, but the truth is: they wouldn’t have given out if they weren’t supporting extra weight.

Our bodies can only handle so much weight until it gives out. It is becoming increasingly clear that being overweight is setting the body up to shut down. It is evident by the obesity deaths per year in America.

The Solution: Act now – Drop the buckets

There are many proven weight loss options – at least one is right for you.

Positive Statistics

Research shows that if you steadily lose weight:

  • Your chance of having a cardiac event decreases by 50%
  • Your chance of overall mortality decreases by 54%.
  • In women, a decrease of dying from diabetes-related issues by 40%
  • In women, a 50% decrease in many types of cancer
  • Sufficient evidence shows similar results in overweight men

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