Posted - April 7, 2021

My New Life Excites Me

Sabrina - Before and after bariatric surgery

Sabrina’s Weight Loss Journey

Sabrina Covey is a mother and (young!) grandmother who lives in Wister, Oklahoma. She works as a financial administrator for a church. At age 44, she today is happier and healthier than she’s been in many years. All thanks to some hard work and the help of Dr. Folahan Ayoola at Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas.

“I never really struggled with my weight until I started having children,” said Sabrina. “My first baby girl was sick when she was a newborn and, since I’m a stress eater, that’s when I started gaining weight.”

Sabrina tried many different diets and workout plans over the years, and would lose some and then gain it back only to lose it and then gain it back again. “But during a really stressful season of my life when I had to have a hysterectomy and I found out my daughter was pregnant at age 15, I gained 100 pounds in four months. After that, it just seemed hopeless.”

Over the next few years, Sabrina continued to battle her weight and began to have some health issues because of it. She developed Type II diabetes and was having to have two insulin shots and one oral medication per day to keep it under control. She had high cholesterol and underwent knee replacement on both knees. Sabrina wanted weight loss surgery, but her husband didn’t like the idea.

One Moment Can Change Your Life Forever

“In 2018, my doctor told me that if I didn’t do something to get all the weight off, I wouldn’t live to see my grandchildren graduate and grow up and have children of their own,” Sabrina said. “It was sobering. And it was at that time that my husband Buck agreed that I could pursue bariatric surgery.”

Sabrina trusted her primary care physician so much that when he recommended Dr. Ayoola for her bariatric surgery, it didn’t matter to Sabrina that Dr. A was located in Texas while she lived in Oklahoma. “When I first met Dr. A, he said something to me that convinced me he was the doctor for me,” said Sabrina. “He said, ‘This journey is no one else’s business but yours. Don’t worry about what other people think.’ I was sold from that minute.”

Sabrina had her bariatric procedure in May of 2019. Today, almost two years later, she is down 108 pounds and is still going! Her diabetes has resolved and she is no longer on all the medications she used to take for her weight-related health conditions. “My primary care doctor recently told me this is the healthiest he’s ever seen me,” said Sabrina, with emotion. “I am able to go to the mall and shop with my daughter. I could never do that before and it means the world to me.”

Put in the Work

Even almost two years post-surgery, Sabrina still uses the guidebook Dr. A has made for his patients and she stays in touch with his clinical team. “I really love and appreciate that they still care about their patients long after the surgery,” said Sabrina.

In addition to closely watching what she eats and monitoring her vitamin levels, Sabrina now walks four to five miles each day. “I love pushing myself to go farther each time,” she said. “It excites me!”

Sabrina’s husband, who was initially reluctant to agree to her having bariatric surgery, now says if he’d known how well she was going to do, he would have agreed sooner. And Sabrina’s daughter is preparing to have the same procedure with Dr. A later this year. “We are so grateful to have connected with Dr. A and Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas,” said Sabrina.

It’s Your Turn

If, like Sabrina, you’ve spent so much time caring for others or waiting in the wings scared to take the next step…it’s ok.

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