Posted - February 6, 2020

My Life is So Much Better Now

Lynn - before and after duodenal switch

Lynn’s Story

Diana “Lynn” Eason is a go-getter. An experienced professional makeup artist, supportive wife and mom to three young adults, Lynn’s life is busy and full. Only one thing was holding her back; her weight.

“I’d say I’ve probably struggled with my weight for most of my life,” said the 53-year old Denton, Texas resident. “But after my first son was born in 1996, I just seemed to get bigger and bigger.”

Ultimately, Lynn had to give up her beloved career as a makeup artist because she was in too much pain to stand comfortably long enough to do a client’s makeup. At 5’3”, her petite frame was not designed to carry 325 pounds, which was her weight at that time. “I tried everything,” Lynn said. “From Weight Watchers to Slim 4 Life to a low-carb diet, I tried it all. But I just couldn’t ever seem to lose the weight.”

Lynn recalls coming home from doing the makeup for an entire wedding party and having to go straight to bed. “I felt like my back was going to break in two and I couldn’t even stand to cook dinner because the pain in my back and knees was so bad,” she admitted. That was the day Lynn knew something had to change.

A Solution That Worked

A client had told Lynn about a doctor who had helped her lose significant weight with weight loss surgery; specifically, the gastric sleeve. Lynn felt hopeful and made an appointment with Dr. A. The rest is happy history!

Lynn met with Dr. A and told him she wanted the same procedure her client/friend had. Dr. A, with his trademark warmth and compassion, listened to Lynn, asked a lot of questions and, ultimately, recommended a different procedure to Lynn that he felt would be a better choice for her particular situation, weight loss goals and health. He felt the duodenal switch would give Lynn the best chance at losing significant weight and keeping it off long term.

Lynn wasn’t sure. In fact, it took her a few months of thinking about it to come to the decision to trust Dr. A’s recommendation and agree to the surgery. “He was very patient and informative,” said Lynn. “I really like that about Dr. A. He will let you make your own decision, but he will also tell you what he thinks is best. I’m so glad I decided to trust him!”

The Right Solution at Just the Right Time

Lynn had her weight loss surgery in July of 2017 and, to date, she has lost more than 130 pounds! She has more energy than she has had in years and it’s a good thing because 2018 brought unexpected challenges with a health scare for her youngest son. “He got really sick and ultimately needed a heart transplant,” said Lynn. “There is no way I could have walked the hospital halls and cared for him as I did, and still do if I was still so overweight. I’m so grateful I went through with the surgery and that I was healthy enough to walk through that season with my son.”

When asked what her favorite part of her experience with Dr. A and the Weight Loss Specialists team is, Lynn cites our amazing commitment to our patients, both before and after surgery. “Everyone at his office is so encouraging and positive,” Lynn said. “And I feel confident knowing that they will be there for me every step of my journey. The aftercare I have received has been so great! And my life is so much better for having done this.”

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