Posted - November 29, 2022

What to know about using insurance to pay for weight loss surgery

For so many, weight loss surgery is like being handed keys to a new life! The years of struggle, shame and futility are finally a thing of the past. It’s a beautiful thing! But navigating the process of actually getting bariatric surgery can be a struggle all its own. Learn More
Posted - October 25, 2022

A Workaholic Finds Her Way to Living a Healthier Life

On December 21, 2021, Susanna had a sleeve gastrectomy. “Everyone told me how much pain I’d be in after surgery,” but as it turned out, she barely felt a thing. “I told Dr. A if I didn’t have three scars in my stomach, I wouldn’t believe you did anything!” But he did. And it worked quite well for Susanna. She’s lost 67 pounds and has found her stride living as a bariatric-surgery patient. For her, it’s been way more mental than physical. Learn More
Posted - October 3, 2022

Lauren’s Journey to a New Life

When asked how the first year was, Lauren happily recalls “I had zero complications. No food aversions. I was actually a little ahead of the pace typically seen by DS patients.” What wasn’t quite as easy was dealing with the underlying issues that had plagued her for so much of her life. “I’m a stress-eater. I turn to food for comfort.” Lauren shares that dealing with it was by far the most difficult part of her weight loss journey. She needed to find a positive way to deal with stress in her life. Fortunately for Lauren, working out became her refuge. She started with running - eventually running two 10Ks and lots of 5Ks. More recently, Lauren has really gotten into weight-lifting at the gym. She calls it her “passion”. Well, whatever it is, it’s working for her. She’s now lost 215 pounds!! Almost reluctantly she says “I’m a completely different person after surgery” - reluctant because she knows she’s still the same ‘person’, but now she’s living a much better, healthier life. Learn More

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