Posted - March 4, 2021

World Obesity Day: Compassion and Hope for Every Body

World Obesity Day

At Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas, our mission is to help as many people as possible to live healthy, happy lives. We’ve seen firsthand how obesity can negatively affect lives.

“It’s a fact that obesity kills—just as gravity makes things fall. The people affected by obesity are my friends, neighbors and fellow human beings. I feel strongly that we as a society must do any and everything possible to combat this medical condition and help the people we care about.”
Folahan Ayoola, MD

For this reason, we want to shine a spotlight on World Obesity Day, which is Thursday, March 4. The mission of World Obesity Day is four-fold and we are doing our part to walk out each part of the mission:

Increase Awareness. Obesity is a medical condition, not a choice! When people understand the root causes of obesity, they are in a better position to fight it. We are committed to educate our patients and their families.

Encourage Advocacy. Changing the way obesity is addressed across society, we are advocates for people struggling with obesity. Our tagline, You’ve got this. We’ve got you, speaks to this partnership and commitment.

Improve Policies. We work hard every day to build the right support system for people struggling with their weight.

Share Experiences. We are stronger together. Our support groups allow members to share experiences, inspiring and uniting their community to work toward our common goal.

Obesity Doesn’t Have to Define You

If you’re someone who struggles with obesity, you’ve probably tried everything to lose weight. From the latest diets, fads and supplements to workouts that promise miracles, you’ve tried it all. And you’re certainly not alone. Millions of Americans live with obesity daily and deal with the many negative effects the condition can have on their health and life.

At Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas, we love to help our patients break free from the mindset of shame and failure that often takes root in individuals who have tried and failed, and tried and failed, at losing weight and keeping it off. And after breaking free, we love to help them step into the mindset of confidence and success for a lifetime.

When people tap into their own power, their own discipline and commitment, the sky’s the limit where weight loss is concerned. We believe in you! We have support groups that will inspire and educate you as well as give you a community of people and resources to draw on, find support from and be inspired by on your weight loss journey. Check out a few of our patient success stories here.

How do we do it? By offering solutions. Real, lasting, attainable solutions for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime. At Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas, we offer surgical and non-surgical solutions for lasting weight loss. Depending on your weight loss goals, overall health, age and lifestyle, we can suggest a solution that will give you the best chance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime.

It’s Not the Easy Way. It’s the Best Way.

If it is determined that you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery, you don’t need to feel like you’re taking the easy way out by choosing it. Many of our patients have told us they struggled to embrace the idea of weight loss surgery because it seemed like they would be taking the easy way out.

Bariatric surgery is not the easy way out. It’s no shortcut. In fact, it will require you to dig deep and do the work of changing the way you think about food. And portions. And rewards. And stress. And how we comfort ourselves when in stress.

But in many cases, bariatric surgery is the best way for individuals to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off for a lifetime. Find out if you’re a candidate for weight loss surgery by scheduling an appointment with one of our providers today.

A Well-Rounded Approach to Maintaining a Healthy Weight for a Lifetime

At Weight Loss Specialists, we are more than one solution. Because people are unique. And regardless of the tool selected to help you lose the weight, we have ancillary services to help you keep that weight off, find support and kinship with other people on the same journey, get in the best shape of your life, tighten loose skin and even address any cosmetic concerns. We want you to be healthy from the inside out!

Rebirth Medical Aesthetics offers help with the loose skin and stubborn spots that are often an issue after significant weight loss. Significant weight loss is a transformation of sorts and we want to help you look as great as you feel. And in 2019, we opened the doors to Focal Point Personal Training Studio to offer patients the tools and support needed to find a plan they enjoy so they can stay on track and see the results they want.

Don’t live with obesity even one day longer. You deserve to have a life you love. Let us help you take hold of it. Reach out. You’ve got this. We’ve got you.