Posted - October 30, 2014

What is a Normal Weight – Seminar with Dr. Ayoola

woman scared of scale

Seminar with Dr. Ayoola

Watch Dr. Ayoola’s presentation on Health, Obesity and Weight Loss. This video is just over 30 minutes long and was hosted by Forrest Park Medical Center Frisco. Dr. Ayoola begins the discussion with a simple question –

What is a normal weight?

From there, Dr. Ayoola explains the concept behind BMI and Why it matters before discussing the risks associated with the different classes of being overweight. He then moves on to explaining the various options available to folks who would like to lose weight. He goes over the pros and the cons of each of the options before delving deeper into the surgical weight loss options.

The presentation ends with one of Dr. Ayoola’s patients talking a little bit about her experience and her weight loss surgery results. In conclusion, the question really isn’t, what is a normal weight — the real question to ask is what is a normal weight for me. What is a normal weight - Dr. Ayoola Seminar

One of the most alarming numbers is the change in life expectancy. You have an 8 to 13 year drop in your life expectancy just due to excess weight. I think everyone would appreciate an extra 13 years or so of life to watch their children get married, graduate and to spend more time with their loved ones and things like that. That’s why this matters.   The founding director at Yale University said that through most of human history calories where scarce and hard to come by so the human body has come up with natural defenses against starvation, unfortunately it doesn’t have any natural defenses against obesity…   — Dr. Folahan Ayoola


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