Posted - May 21, 2014

Weight Loss Surgery Benefits

benefits of weight loss surgery

For those that qualify, there are many benefits of having weight loss surgery.  Here is a video segment of Dr. Ayoola discussing weight loss surgery benefits with Amy on Good Morning Texas.



In the segment, Dr. Folahan Ayoola discusses the different types of weight loss surgery and provides an overview of the Duodenal Switch and Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedures. He also discusses qualification for these procedures and the kind of results that are typical.



  • If you are a diabetic or have hypertension, the DS is the most effective surgical weight loss procedure for the treatment of diabetes and hypertension.
  • If you are determined to prevent weight regain, the duodenal switch has the best rate of maintaining the weight you lose and preventing regain.
  • If you have had a previous procedure (Lap band, gastric bypass or sleeve) and have regained weight, the duodenal switch is a procedure that will help you lose that weight – and keep it off.
  • If you want to lose a lot of weight (BMI >45), the DS is the procedure that can help you lose the most weight compared to other weight loss procedures.

If you want to learn more about weight loss surgery benefits, you can schedule a consultation and find out if it’s the right choice to help you achieve your weight & health goals.

weight loss surgery benefits

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