Posted - May 10, 2014

Weight Loss Gifts for Mothers Day

It’s almost mothers day and you’re not sure what weight loss gifts you can give your mum? Are you looking for something that promotes a healthy and happy life? Here’s a short, simple list of weight loss gift ideas that will either help Mom enjoy healthy living or change her health for the better.

Water Bottle


Let’s start off simple, but fancy. Drinking water is very important for proper health. Have you been trying to get Mom to hydrate more often? Why not get her a water bottle that’s so fancy that she’ll want to carry around? Some options include the Kor oneBkr Kvetch or Hydracoach. The Hydracoach Intelligent water bottle is so fancy, it even calculates and tracks your personal hydration needs.



Does your mother enjoy drinking smoothies from time to time? The NutriBullet is a great choice for anyone who likes making and sipping down smoothies but hates the clean up afterwards. This mixer system tears through any fruit or vegetable with it’s high-torque power and also comes with travel cops so Mom can have her favorite beverage while on the go.

Yoga Tote

manduka tote bag

For the modern woman on the go, this very functional tote bag will help hold Mom’s favorite yoga mat while comfortably holding other yoga and gym items. It’s very stylish and will fit a 26-inch wide yoga mat.

Edible Arrangement


You probably already know about this one. You can send Mom some healthy fresh fruits and with the hundreds of choices available, you are bound to be able to a choice of fruits that matches her tastes.

The surest of all Weight Loss Gifts – Weight Loss Surgery

Has your mum been trying to lose weight for years unsuccessfully? How about taking the care to bring her for a consultation that might change her life? The Duodenal Switch Biliopancreatic Diversion Surgery is offered to patients weighing over 400 pounds or with severe diabetes. When searching for a weight loss surgeon, ensure that the surgeon has the expertise and experience in performing Duodenal Switch surgery.