Posted - September 20, 2012

Visualizing Fitness

Visualizing a Workout with your Bariatric Surgeon

Visualizing a Workout with your Bariatric SurgeonWhile you are still waiting for your bariatric surgeon to clear you for physical activity after weight loss surgery, sit down on the couch and visualize your fitness routine.

When it comes to getting fit, sitting down on the couch and thinking about a workout might not sound like the best way to get started, but this is actually the commonly missed first-step of a successful and well-planned fitness routine.

Think about the last time you attempted to start a new workout routine. How did it go on your first day? Were you frustrated when your MP3 player wasn’t charged? Maybe the music you downloaded didn’t sync correctly and you were left in silence as you walked around the block. What happens when you can’t find one of your sneakers, or you realize only when you are getting ready to meet your friend at the gym that your sweatpants don’t fit anymore?

These types of setbacks happen to everyone. You might have grand intentions about working out, but without making preparations ahead of time you are left slogging through a workout in pants that are too tight.

When you visualize your workout ahead of time you are prepping yourself for a successful fitness session. This is a great opportunity to see potential obstacles and learn the ins and outs of a routine ahead of time, making you less likely to become injured or get frustrated by your workout sessions.

The Mental Walkthrough

To start the visualization process, decide what type of workout you are going to try. Are you going to go for a walk, attend a cardio class at a local gym or are you doing an exercise video at home? Once you decide what you are doing, get dressed appropriately for the activity and compile the equipment you’ll need.

Physically put on your sneakers and workout gear, grab your MP3 player and fill your water bottle. Doing this on your preliminary run through will keep a mishap from stalling your workout.

Once you are dressed and ready to go, set a timer for at least 30 minutes and sit back down. Spend as much time visualizing your workout as you plan on spending doing the activity so you get a solid feel for the time spent exercising.

If you are going to try a workout DVD, turn it on and watch it the whole way through. If you are planning on walking for 30 minutes, visualize your route and listen to the playlist you’ve created for the workout. Make sure the songs are going to keep you motivated to move as you progress on your walk! If you are going to try a new class at the gym, search for online videos of similar classes so you can get an idea of what the class will be like.

Visualizing a workout isn’t the same as doing exercise. This is an activity you will only want to do once or twice when you are planning a new workout routine. You need to plan your fitness program just like you planned out your weight loss surgery program. Visualize your success beforehand for a better shot at powering through your fitness routine on your first try.