Posted - December 5, 2011

5 Tips for Traveling After Lap Band Surgery


One of the concerns that you may have following your Lap Band procedure in Carrollton is leaving home to travel for business or pleasure. However, regardless of your environment, you may lead a regular and successful life with a Lap-Band if you plan properly.

It may be challenging to control meals when your routine is changed considerably. Therefore, to continue effectively with your weight loss program after Lap-Band Surgery, you should plan your meals carefully when leaving the comfort of home for travel purposes.

Here are a few useful tips for traveling after Lap-Band Surgery that may help to keep you on track:

1. Have bottled water and protein snacks or drinks on hand when leaving home.

2. Keep enough protein rich foods such as shakes, bars, nuts and cereals in your carryon when flying.

3. Take your own food with you when traveling by plane or train. Pack protein powder, nuts and fruits as well as cheese and lunchmeat for a meal while traveling. Bottled water is available at the airport, which will help you to stay hydrated while you prevent security complications.

4. Start the day with breakfast, the most important meal, which should never be missed. Make sure that you are eating protein at every meal

5. As you are traveling it is easy to keep up with your exercise routine. Try to stay at a hotel that has a gym. If you are traveling for pleasure, try to pick a destination that involves a lot of sightseeing, and bypass the tour bus. By taking a walking tour of a new city you can lose weight while you discover local crevices that you might have otherwise missed.

The tips for traveling after Lap Band Surgery are practical and convenient ways to help you successfully manage your weight while on vacation or traveling for business. Planning to eat sensibly and traveling with back up meals and foods are great methods to stay on track with your weight loss goal, as well as including some type of exercise while away from home.