Posted - April 26, 2012

Three Fun Activities to Lose Weight as a Couple

Finding a workout partner, much like finding a spouse, can be difficult. In both, it’s important to find someone who encourages you to become healthier. Your weight loss surgeon will tell you that the ideal partner will stay supportive of your weight loss goals and the changes you are attempting to make in your life. You need someone whose personality meshes well with your own; someone who shares similar interests and goals and can help you work out on a regular basis without sounding like a drill instructor.

Fortunately, these are things that most happy couples already have in their partners, and working out as a couple gives you a great opportunity to spend time together while also encouraging each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As you grow older, exercise becomes increasingly important for both you and your spouse, especially if you’ve recently undergone weight loss surgery—recent studies show that people over 30 tend to gain a significant amount of weight after marriage and that married people tend to be less fit in general than their single counterparts.

Here are some great activities you and your spouse can do together to keep the pounds off:

  • Go on a bike ride. Biking is a great way to get a cardio work out and spend some time outdoors. You can plan your own route and pick your own pace. Whether you feel like racing your partner to your favorite coffee shop downtown or just taking a leisurely ride through the park, biking gives you and your partner a lot of choice without it feeling like a boring workout. For even more fun couples cycling excursions, try a tandem bike.
  • Take up a racket sport. Tennis, badminton, racquetball, squash, even ping pong—these are all activities that are fun, fast-paced, and only require two people to play. For a little friendly competition, try keeping track of your scores week to week, or setting up a double date match with another couple.
  • Go for a walk. Simple, yet effective, walking is an easy, low-stress exercise. Like biking, walking allows you to set your own pace and pick your surroundings. Try getting out to explore with your spouse every once in a while—taking in the sights, breathing the fresh air, and getting in a good conversation with your significant other can help take your mind off the fact that you’re exercising at all. For an even better workout, try speed walking or going for a quick run together.

Working out with your spouse can be fun, but patience and understanding is key in a workout relationship, just as it is in your marriage. If something isn’t working for you, be honest, and tell your spouse to do the same.