Posted - November 8, 2012

The Sunny Side of Weight Loss

The Sunny Side of Weight Loss

The Sunny Side of Weight LossStaying optimistic after weight loss surgery

If you’ve had weight loss surgery in North Dallas, there is much to be optimistic about. A procedure like sleeve gastrectomy will give you the tools you need to lose excess weight and begin developing a healthier lifestyle, and this is definitely a reason to be positive.

However, the road to a slimmer body can be filled with bumps and sharp turns. Though you have every reason to be optimistic about your future after weight loss surgery, you may find that it isn’t always easy to be Mr. Brightside. Adjusting to your new lifestyle after weight loss surgery can cause stress and frustration, while that troublesome little thing called life may make it tough for you to keep a sunny outlook.

Still, a positive attitude can go a long way in keeping your weight loss journey enjoyable and on track. Many people approach the idea of “diet and exercise” as a dilemma, viewing their weight loss program as just another ordeal to get through, but this kind of thinking will set you up for failure—every step towards your goal will feel increasingly difficult, like swimming upstream away from a surging waterfall.

The Power of Positive

Rather than the difficulties, you need to start thinking about all the indisputably positive things that weight loss surgery will do for your body and your life. Yes, your fitness routine may be tough at first, but you will learn, adjust and grow from your exercise experiences, and all that hard work will give you more energy and make you feel better. You may begin to approach your diet by thinking about all the things you can’t have, but there are innumerable foods to explore in this world—your weight loss program gives you the chance to learn to like something new.

It isn’t always easy to find the good, especially if you’re more of an Eeyore than a Tigger. Yet, optimism is not necessarily a personality trait that some have and others do not. Each of us can teach ourselves to be optimists, or at least reap the benefits of seeing our lives in a positive light. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick change of viewpoints or an adjustment of your thought process to bounce you out of a bad mood. Here are two easy strategies to keep your glass half full:

  • Know no envy. It’s natural to compare yourself to others, but it isn’t always healthy. When you focus on the things others have and you don’t, you can lose sight of the things that you have and they don’t. Remember to never take yourself for granted—you have qualities that make you a unique and spectacular person, so don’t sell them short.
  • Talk positive. Even when a situation is difficult, speaking about it like we’ve already lost can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you fall short of a goal, don’t beat yourself up about it—reminding yourself that you tried your best and have time to try again next week can improve your mood and help you stay focused on success.

Staying positive is a plus after weight loss surgery in Dallas, but the task is often easier said than done. Have you found anything else that helps you stay optimistic about weight loss? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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