Posted - February 15, 2013

The Bariatric Surgery Office Fitness Routine

The Bariatric Surgery Office Fitness Routine

The Bariatric Surgery Office Fitness RoutineThe 6 o’clock workout is hard to fit in. This is true whether you are attempting to wake up and exercise before heading to the office or are hoping to muster up the energy for a post-work trip to the gym. When you spend eight to ten hours a day stuck in an office building it grows difficult to come up with the motivation to drag yourself off for a butt-kicking fitness routine.

Well, what if you could fit in a full-length workout in your lunch hour and still have time to eat? Life after bariatric surgery in Frisco, Denton or Dallas can grow hectic. While it isn’t a good idea to keep your workout routine entirely limited to the walls of your cubicle, burning a few calories while you have a few minutes to spare is only going to help you reach your weight loss goal faster.

With no more ado, here is your lunch-hour workout, fit for the office:

To get started you will march in place and “raise the roof” for five whole minutes. Don’t get overzealous! Five minutes of marching in place can get pretty tiring, especially when you pair the motion with arm movements. As you step, your arms should reach as high as they can before returning down in rhythm so your elbows are at your waist.

This marching activity will loosen your limbs so you will be ready for some side lunges. For another five minutes you will move back and forth, alternating sides as you extend your legs and open your hip flexors. With your hands on your hips take a big step to your right and let your left leg straighten out as your right knee bends to as close to a 90 degree angle as possible. Shift your weight to the bended knee.

Once you feel the burn in your legs you can transition to your upper body. For the next five minutes you will step and punch, putting all of your weight behind every one of your punches. Make sure the area around you is clear so you don’t accidently hit a coworker! To keep your balance, step with your left as you punch with your right and vice versa.

The next step is to work your core muscles. This will be done in a few steps. Stand in place with your arms stretched above your head. Then, raise your right knee up to your waist and simultaneously bring both arms down with force to your waist—in the classic celebratory elbow-digging motion. Do this activity for another five minutes while alternating sides.

Once the time is up, put both hands back in the air and twist your core side to side in a subtle dancing motion, taking small steps with each foot as you turn.

At this point you’ve exercised for 25 minutes. Cool down with a five minute walk around the perimeter of your office and then have yourself a nice glass of water to rehydrate. Feel silly doing this on your own? Get your co-workers involved to create a lunchtime workout group!