Posted - December 11, 2012

The Art of Thank You after Weight Loss Surgery

The Art of Thank You after Weight Loss Surgery

The Art of Thank You after Weight Loss SurgeryHow well do you take a compliment? After getting weight loss surgery in Dallas, many people are surprised by the amount of compliments they begin to receive. After losing a significant amount of weight everyone from your banker to your pharmacist will likely notice the change in you. This is great for random bursts of inspiration, as it is a lot easier to say no to a candy bar when the convenience store clerk just finished complimenting your slender waist line. However, this type of attention can also be unnerving—especially if you’ve spent years being a wallflower.

One of the reasons so many people have trouble accepting compliments is because they don’t see the beauty and accomplishment in themselves yet. Others will notice your weight loss progress long before you reach your goal, and many people are likely to say something about how much weight you’ve lost. Accepting a compliment for where you are now doesn’t change the fact that you aren’t finished yet. If you take it the right way, a few kind words along the way can boost your efforts and help you become more confident as you strive towards your ultimate weight loss goal.

“You look great!”

It is hard to say why accepting such a simple compliment is so hard. The words are kind, they are often genuine, and in most circumstances they are true—whether you are ready to admit it or not. Some people have trouble accepting compliments about their weight loss because it reminds them of how they were perceived before weight loss surgery. Others really might not see the progress they’ve made as they look themselves in the mirror, and might wonder why so many people are seeing something they don’t think is there.

Accepting a compliment with ease is something that comes with confidence. If you think you deserve a compliment it is much easier to take the kind words and move on. If you don’t think you deserve the compliment, the situation can grow awkward. How many times have you left the would-be kindly compliment giver standing flabbergasted after you explain how wrong they are about how nice you look? This can get uncomfortable for all parties involved.

For the most part, accepting a compliment and moving on will make the entire experience pass by smoothly. To do this, take in those old famous words of wisdom—fake it until you make it.

Just Say Thanks

You don’t need to explain that you’ve only lost half of the weight you’ve set out to lose. You don’t need to explain that your weight loss this week has been slower than normal. You don’t even need to explain that you’ve had weight loss surgery. When someone offers you a compliment, smile and say thank you—it’s as easy as that!

If you are having trouble accepting compliments, try standing in a mirror and practice saying thank you with a smile. You don’t need to return the compliment; you don’t need to put on a veil of modesty. Just say thanks—it is what the complimenter is hoping for!