Posted - March 10, 2014

Staying Motivated after Duodenal Switch

The Duodenal switch at Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas is a procedure that is proven to help you lose weight and keep it off. We serve patients in Dallas, Frisco, Denton and from all across the country.

After your surgical weight loss procedure, staying motivated to eat the appropriate diet and exercise doesn’t become any less important. We all know we should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly but it’s always so easy to come up with reasons why it’s okay to eat that brownie or watch one more TV show episode instead of exercising.

Ready to learn how to get motivated to eat healthy and exercise? Help yourself out by:

1 – Start Simple

The CDC guidelines states that adults should spend two and a half hours a week on moderate-intensity aerobic exercise. Although that may sound like a significant investment, you could break that down into 30 minute walks, 5 times a week. Obviously, the more you do, the better  – but it isn’t a race. Not convinced you can do 5 days consistently? Start off even lower – 15 minutes 2-3 times a week. Do that and build a habit and then slowly step it up. When it comes to food, you don’t have to immediately overhaul your entire diet – start slowly, eliminating your unhealthy eating habits one at a time. It is remarkable how much weight loss you can see by eliminating sugary drinks from your diet.

2 – Reward Yourself

So you really don’t want to work out right now and you’re craving an unhealthy snack. Why not reward yourself each time you overcome your urge to eat unhealthy or not exercise by creating a “Fit Bank”. Drop a dollar in a jar (virtual or physical) every time you work out when you don’t feel like or snack on a vegetable instead of ice cream. Once your Fit Bank builds up a little bit, you can then reward yourself with that shoe you’ve been wanting to buy or some other item you’ve been wanting to get. You could even get your spouse or friends involved!

3 – Enlist support

Speaking of family and friends, your friends and family can provide the extra motivation and accountability that will keep you going. You provide support for them as they provide support for you. Your family members can be there to remind you not to eat that snack or to go for a run according to the schedule you yourself set up. That little extra push might be all that’s needed.

4 – Remind Yourself

Make sure you have a picture from before your Duodenal Switch Surgery when you were at your heaviest. Keep that picture next to where your unhealthy foods are so that each time you think to eat something that you know you shouldn’t be eating, you have a clear reminder of what you are trying to avoid. Put the picture next to your alarm clock or that location you always keep the remote control for the TV to remind you when you wake up or when you’re are inactive that you need to do some exercise.

5 – Remind Yourself Again

Inversely, if positive reinforcement is stronger for you, get a picture from after your surgical weight loss or from years before when you at your thinnest. Place this picture  next to unhealthy foods or the places where you are most inactive to remind you about what your goals are and what weight you’re looking to maintain.

6 – Mirror Mirror

Make sure you have mirrors in your house so that you can see yourself routinely. In fact, get naked and stand in the mirror. Look at where you stand right now and really decide if you could use a run or should probably forgo that cookie you’re craving.

7 – Be prepared

Keep healthy foods readily available for when you are craving a snack. Nutritional bars, apples, bananas, homemade trail mix and carrots are super portable and are healthy. Have alternate work outs ready incase the weather won’t allow a walk outside or some other obstacle prevents your routine workout. This way, you won’t have reasons to not achieve your goal and can stay motivated to continue on your healthy diet and work out routine.

Hopefully these few tips give you some ideas on how to stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise. Let us know in the comment section if thee tips help or what tips you use to stay motivated. Good luck and happy losing!