Posted - September 8, 2010

Simple Steps To Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Becoming more physically active after weight loss surgery is essential to your long-term success. However, you might find the idea of jumping into a new fitness routine a little overwhelming. Follow these simple steps to ease into exercise after weight loss surgery.

Simple Steps To Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Step 1: Practice Stretching

Get comfortable moving your body and familiar with your center of gravity. Take a warm bath or a short walk to warm up your muscles and then do simple stretches that target each of your major muscle groups.

Step 2: Rethink How You Define Exercise

Remember that your goal is to move your body more. That can mean walking, dancing, riding a bike or taking the stairs. Experiment with different types of exercises to discover what you like best and focus on finding small ways to be more physically active during the day.

Step 3: Consider Group Activities

Whether it’s taking a group fitness class or joining a team, group activities can help keep you motivated and make exercise fun. Focusing on activities you enjoy, even if they don’t burn the most calories, will make you more likely to be consistently active.

Step 4: Change Things Up

Don’t be afraid to try something new or quit something old. If you decide you’re no longer enjoying an activity, switch things up. Variety is the key to making physical activity a lifestyle behavior instead of a short-term weight loss program.