Posted - January 17, 2012

Setting Boundaries

In practically every aspect of life, you must learn to set boundaries for yourself as well as for others. Some people find that setting boundaries, particularly when they are for your own good, is difficult to do and even more difficult to stick to. Most people who suffer from obesity are eager to please others and constantly put other people’s well-being before their own. In order to successfully lose weight and maintain that loss via a healthier, more active lifestyle, boundaries are a necessity.

If your children and your spouse’s needs consistently come before yours, then you need to step back and think about what you put off in your life in order to meet their needs. Granted, some things are important and must be taken care of immediately, such as medical and educational issues. However, if their needs are things that can wait, then that is the time when you need to put yourself first. You need to make time for yourself, for your emotional well-being, and make time for activities you might have decided to participate in for your health and fitness.

Before and after patients undergo obesity surgery in Dallas it is often recommended that they attend certain group sessions that are set up to teach them about setting boundaries, among other things. In nearly every part of the country there are obesity surgery support groups that help patients along their weight loss journey. If you think you have boundary issues, other patients who are in the same position may be the key to helping you overcome those issues.

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