Posted - October 26, 2017

Self Confidence and Emotional Well Being: The Intangible Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Self Confidence and Weight Loss Surgery

Emotional Well Being

Weight loss surgery offers many health benefits such as freedom from Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Joint Pain, Sleep Apnea.

Weight loss surgery can also provide many intangible benefits that can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle and emotional well being. Commonplace activities such as shopping, exercise and networking can become enjoyable, rather than daunting, after a weight loss procedure.

Self Confidence

With-in weeks, sometimes days of a weight loss surgery, we have seen patients self confidence start to change. Patients begin to think more positively about their appearance and overall potential. Personal hygiene, clothes shopping, healthy diet and exercise tend to become focal points. With this increased attention to appearance we also see increased assertiveness, energy levels and professional and physical performance.

Mood and Stress Reduction

Along with increased self confidence, we commonly see changes in weight loss surgery patients overall mood and outlook on life. People sometimes see the benefits of weight loss surgery as a second chance – or a “jump start” to a new life.

When someone has conditions that stem from obesity it is emotionally, financially and physically stressful. Multiple doctors appointments, keeping up with medications and the consistent conversations about negative health related issues can be draining.

After weight loss surgery, many times such issues decrease. This can lead to less worrying, less expenses and reduced overall stress. We have also seen a reduction in stress in patients after weight loss surgery due to regular exercise, healthier diet and better sleep. Reducing stress levels can not only make you feel better immediately, but also protect both your physical and emotional health long term.

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