Posted - May 10, 2014

Richard: Duodenal Switch Surgery Results

duodenal switch surgery results

richard-joslin4I chose weight loss surgery after health issues such as Plantar Fasciitis and Herniated Disks led to me being unable to exercise or complete many of life’s routine daily activities. I was referred by a former patient who happens to be my sister, and I was excited to have already seen the transformation in quality of life the surgery had on her and several friends from the Facebook DS groups.


I was nervous in that I had had prior abdominal surgery and was facing an open procedure and was an out of state patient. I cannot say enough about the proficiency in which Jessica and the rest of the staff helped me prepare for this surgery. They were able to handle most of it via email and gave me the information I needed to complete all screening, insurance approvals, and pre-op on time and without delay. Dr. Ayoola was keenly aware of my anxiety in pre-op and post op appointments and knew exactly how to alleviate my concerns and helped me choose a treatment plan. We hoped to complete the procedure with a scope, but it would most likely become open.


After surgery, Dr. Ayoola strutted out of the Operating Room and said “I did it with a scope!” and saved me 4 weeks of recovery time!!! I was up walking 2 hours after surgery, out of hospital day 2, and had no complications and a near perfect outcome. 48 days out and I have lost 50 pounds, and regained my ability to work in the greenhouse, ride my motorcycle, and play with my dogs with ZERO lower back pain and ZERO Plantar Fasciitis pain. If you are considering WLS, get a JEDI-Surgeon like I did and GET YOUR LIFE BACK! I can’t wait to be HALF the man I used to be!

GOAL from 2001 205# running 7 miles/day–> Richard Joslin


ATTENTION patients of Dr. Al-Kalla

Dr. Al-Kalla will be leaving Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas at the end of July. If you would like continue as his patient, please let us know and we can assist in getting your medical records transferred.

You may also choose to stay with Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas and we’ll gladly transfer your care to another provider on staff.

Thank you.