Posted - May 16, 2009

Reversing Social Isolation

Sometimes, when we feel bad about ourselves, we begin to withdraw from social activities and seclude ourselves from friends and family. Often, as our self image deteriorates, our willingness to be around people also shrivels. This is called social isolation and reversing it can go a long way toward making yourself feel better about who you are and the potential for happiness that your life holds.

Following weight loss surgery, you will most likely find yourself wishing to reverse the self imposed isolation that resulted from your obesity. When attempting to reverse social isolation, it�s important to start by spending time with people you trust completely. You will be using your time with them to relearn how to trust people and relax in a social setting, so you must be completely comfortable with the people you choose. Start small by having one or two of your most trusted family members or friends over. Stay present during the gathering and pay attention to how much fun you are having – how nice it is to interact with people who care about you.

After a few get-togethers of that size with similar types of people, you can try bigger group gatherings and you can begin to leave your home to enjoy them.

Socializing is a skill that can be relearned if you find you have lost it. Some of us prefer our privacy while others are more extroverted and thrive on social interaction. Regardless of the type of person you are, prepare yourself for the change in how people react toward you and recognize that while they are reacting to your outward appearance, on the inside you are the same person. Now you can take the time to let people learn more about who you really are.