Posted - March 29, 2012

Refresh your Mind through Spring Cleaning

As the seasons change, flowers bloom and the warm breeze fills your soul making you smile. This is a great time of year to refresh your weight loss motivation after undergoing obesity surgery in Dallas. As you renew your spirit and get on track towards meeting your health and wellness goals, you can complete your renewal process by spring cleaning your home. You can accomplish this in as little as one day, simply by setting the time aside and following easy steps to organize your efforts.

Think about all of the items that you have accumulated over the past year. Old magazines, junk mail and random accessories are likely scattered throughout your home. These items are no longer serving you any purpose. Instead, they are acting as a reminder of the past. Take the opportunity this spring to rejuvenate your home and refresh your spirit by purging all of the items that are haunting you from your past. As you are losing weight you can gradually clean and alter your home so that you have a fresh new space to live in as you enjoy your new body and a more positive outlook on life.

Here are a few tips to guide you as you clean!

  • Start by gathering several empty boxes or large plastic bins to clear countertops, showers, bathroom vanities and décor off of furniture. Keep bathroom items in one or two bins and table top items in several other bins or boxes. This will allow you to move things and clean easily. Do this throughout the house, and select a centralized area to store the items for the time being.
  • Sweep and vacuum all areas of the house. Almost all vacuum cleaners work on hard floors. Vacuuming those surfaces will collect dust and debris, rather than move it around. Use the hose attachment and run it across all of the corners and edges of carpets and hard floor areas. Use a warm rag to wipe down bathroom showers, tubs, vanities and sinks. Clean the toilet bowl lids with a brush, and then clean the toilet bowls.
  • Polish your furniture if you desire. Much modern furniture doesn’t require polish, but can protect it if you use a low-gloss polish. Lamps, bulbs and some trinkets can be wiped clean with a warm, lint-free cloth before placing them back on vanities, countertops and tabletops. Have fun rearranging things for a renewed look and a renewed you!

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