Posted - March 14, 2012

Quick and Easy Arm Workout

Quick Stress Busters after Bariatric Surgery in Plano

You are up on your feet all day at work, cooking dinner and cleaning up after the kids go to bed, but despite feeling tired you have not actually gotten to the gym yet. This is a common problem for many people, but after getting a sleeve gastrectomy in Dallas it is important to cut the time out of your day for yourself. On those days when you have trouble setting aside an hour to go to the gym, try taking 15 minutes for yourself and do this simple arm workout.

Arm crosses are a simple activity that does not require any extra equipment. To get started, stand up and find a location that is clear of obstacles and permits you to stretch your arms out. Reach your arms out straight at your side and bend your hands back at the wrists. Mentally picture yourself pushing at the walls of a box that is holding you inside as you flex your wrists. Begin to move your arms behind you as far as they will stretch. Hold your arms behind you for at least five seconds before bringing them back to be in line with your torso.

When you are holding your arms behind you, make sure to stay as still as possible. Many people like to pulse while they are holding their pose, but this can cause undue stress on the muscles that you are stretching. This simple workout can help you to stretch and build strength in the muscles of your shoulders, forearms and wrists.

When combined with other simple workout ideas, arm crosses can help you to stay in shape on days that a trip to the gym was out of the question.