Posted - September 12, 2009

Popular Nature Trails in the South Dallas Area

The many nature trails found throughout beautiful South Dallas are where the big city and the rural country come to meet. They offer an effective weight loss workout as well as an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, but are still close enough to society that you feel safe. It’s still important to bring the proper gear with you even though you are still in the city. Make sure you always bring water, a cell phone and a map. Be sure to wear the right clothes; wear something that keeps you cool and safe from the elements. Always let a friend or neighbor know where you plan to go.

Cedar Hill State Park: Cedar Hill State Park in southern Dallas is a 1,800 acre park located on a lake. Not only do they boast some amazing nature trails, they also have birds, great camping sites and beautiful wildlife. This spot is great for a jog or for the adventurer in you looking to get out of the city.

Cedar Ridge Preserve: Cedar Ridge Preserve is an elevated wildlife preserve on 600 acres. It has 9 miles of trails, a butterfly garden, many different types of wildlife, birds and reptiles,  and an observatory. It is a non profit reserve that instead uses all proceeds for preservation needs.