Posted - August 10, 2009

Popular Nature Trails in the North Dallas Area

When you think of Dallas, you might think of urban sprawl, big business and indoor gyms. But there is a lot more to Dallas than just big city fun. Dallas has its share of parks and nature trails, as well as beautiful wildlife preserves. All of which make for great outdoor exercising opportunities. Getting out of the house or office to enjoy these trails helps increase your daily activity and feel the benefits of weight loss after your bariatric surgery.

When going to a nature trail to exercise, be sure to wear cool, comfortable clothes that provide the right protection from the elements. Bring a cell phone, map, compass and water with you and always make sure to tell a friend or neighbor where you plan to be and for how long you intend to stay.  

Popular Nature Trails in the North Dallas Area  

White Rock Lake ParkWhite Rock Lake Park offers more than just nature trails. They offer kayak rentals, a dog park, and a boat ramp. The park is home to great wildlife and dedicated volunteers help keep it clean and well preserved.

Katy Trail: Just north of the city is Katy Trail. Katy Trail is more urban than a traditional nature trail, but is perfect for a quick get away. It is located right by a bike park and the path that is Katy Trail measures a full 5.64 miles–quite a hike for the middle of a city.