Posted - September 15, 2009

Popular Biking Trails in the South Dallas Area

South Dallas has many different parks and nature trails, but only a few trails devoted to biking. While you may be able to ride your bike in other locations, if you are looking for dedicated bike trails, try these:   

Boulder Park Trail: Bike your way through 10 miles of loose limestone on the Boulder Park Trail. This winding trail is easy to get lost on, so bring a friend who is familiar with it. This is a popular trail for competitions so be sure to time your trip so as not to interrupt an organized event. 

Windmill Hill Nature Preserve Trail: Windmill Hill Nature Preserve’s bike trail is a 5 mile trail that includes a jaunt over a Stevie Ray Vaughn Memorial bridge.

General Bike Safety

  • Always wear a helmet to prevent serious injury.
  • Even when biking on an overcast day, apply sunscreen regularly.
  • Wear seasonal clothes that are comfortable and won’t get caught in your wheels or chains.
  • Carry a cell phone, map, compass and first aid kit.
  • Always let someone know where you are going before you go to the park. This way, if you get lost, they can alert the authorities to your location.