Posted - August 5, 2009

Popular Biking Trails in the North Dallas Area

Incorporating biking into your exercise routine is a simple and inexpensive method for increasing activity while enjoying time outdoors. North Dallas, has many parks that are good for biking. Even with all of the bustling urban cars, buses and trucks in the city, Dallas has still made room for people enjoying an eco-friendly activity. Not only have they made trails for cyclists, they’ve also preserved the wildlife around the trails. Some of the most popular trails for biking in South Dallas include:

Katie Jackson Trail: At just one third of a mile, the concrete Katie Jackson Trail is perfect for a beginning rider, or an experienced rider trying to get back into the swing of things. This looping bike trail has thousands of wildlife species to keep you entertained.

Bert Fields: Located behind a residential area, but still in a natural park setting, the Bert Fields trail is .8 miles and is very popular amongst rollerbladers as well as cyclists.

White Rock Creek Trail: One of the longest trails in North Dallas, the White Rock Creek Trail measures 7.5 miles. It has a cycling speed limit of just 20 MPH. This long trail goes through Anderson Booner Park then proceeds into a nature area, runs through a tennis center, then ends in White Rock Lake.