Posted - August 20, 2009

Popular Biking Trails in the Fort Worth, Texas Area

Just West of Dallas lies the city of Fort Worth. Although not as large as Dallas, Fort Worth is still a busy urban area that you would not identify with wildlife and natural bike trails. But the planners of Fort Worth are miles ahead of you in creating space in their city for nature loving cyclists at three nearby bike trails.

Cedar Hill State Park: This 11 mile bike trail features many hills and slopes. It will work out your thighs both as you climb the hills and as you control your speed coming down. There are also flat areas where you can try faster speeds safely.

Dorba Trail: Dorba trail is an 11 mile trail made with clay. It is closed often during rainy days and the winter season.

Fort Worth Trinity Trail: The Trinity Trail in Fort Worth is 25 miles of paved bike and hiking trails. The trails flow alongside the Trinity River and many sections of the trail feature views, tree canopies and secluded riding.

Regardless of which trail you pick, be sure to wear a helmet and the proper shoes when biking. Drink plenty of water and bring a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

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