Posted - October 28, 2011

Pilates with Knee Injuries

Pilates uses special movements to exercise the body and help you get in optimal shape. Pilates is also a way to improve your overall strength, flexibility, and posture. Pilates studios are popping up across the country, and there are also a number of Pilates exercise tapes and DVD’s available for home workouts. Pilates is a great tool for Plano residents that have undergone gastric weight loss surgery recently. Speak to your lap band surgeon to find out if you are ready to incorporate Pilates into your workout routine. Many people have trouble participating in intense exercise routines like running or kick boxing due to knee injuries. Pilates is a great tool to help you continue on your weight loss journey without hurting your knees.

Start with beginner Pilates movements which are attainable even with knee injuries. The hardest part about working out with Pilates is getting down on the mat to perform the various movements. Stand with both feet on the mat, then bend slowly at the knee and hip and lower your hands to the mat surface. Walk your hands forward slowly until you can easily rotate and sit on your hips.

Most people develop knee problems because they have weak leg muscles. It is vital that you start with a few leg exercises to strengthen the leg muscles. Start with a few Pilates leg circles. These exercises are the best to perform even for those with knee injuries. If these leg exercises are too difficult, then it is perfectly all right to modify the exercises to your special circumstances. For example, many with knee injuries might prefer to begin with modified leg stretches. Here is how to perform the exercise. Take hold of the back of the upper thigh where the knee bends while setting on the mat. Try to stretch the leg all the way out. It is also encouraged to use a towel under the knee for extra support during the exercise.


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