Posted - August 10, 2009

Popular Nature Trails in the North Dallas Area

When you think of Dallas, you might think of urban sprawl, big business and indoor gyms. But there is a lot more to Dallas than just big Learn More
Posted - August 5, 2009

Kim Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss Surgery Date - 2003My Experience with Dr. StewartMy first impression of Dr.Stewart was that this was a man that knew his Learn More
Posted - August 5, 2009

Popular Biking Trails in the North Dallas Area

Incorporating biking into your exercise routine is a simple and inexpensive method for increasing activity while enjoying time outdoors. Learn More
Posted - July 20, 2009

Weight Loss Expectations after Bariatric Surgery

There are so many different weight loss surgeries to choose from that the literature you must study before you decide on one is Learn More
Posted - July 10, 2009

Joint Pain and Weight Loss

It can be impossible to contemplate exercise when your joints scream with pain after a workout. For some, the mere act of getting out of Learn More
Posted - July 5, 2009

Go Green for Better Health

Going green doesn't just have to be only about saving the environment. Going green introduces a way of acting into your life that relies Learn More
Posted - June 20, 2009

How to Know You are Resisting Change

Changing your eating and exercising routines is all about embracing change. For some, this is more difficult than they might anticipate. Learn More
Posted - June 12, 2009

Greg Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Weight Loss Surgery Date - 1998Dr. Darrel Stuart from the Weight Loss Specialists is a quiet and gentle doctor. He is reassuring and Learn More
Posted - June 10, 2009

Getting Organized for Weight Loss

When you begin your weight loss journey after surgery, getting organized is key for being successful in your endeavor. Here's a list of Learn More
Posted - May 16, 2009

Reversing Social Isolation

Sometimes, when we feel bad about ourselves, we begin to withdraw from social activities and seclude ourselves from friends and family. Learn More

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