Posted - March 7, 2019

Pain-Free and Afraid No More!

Vanessa - before and after Duodenal Switch

Vanessa had been overweight her entire life. “I’d tried every diet,” she said. “You name it, I tried it.” At age 21, she finally found the nerve to step on the scale and face the truth she’d been hiding from. Vanessa was devastated to discover her weight was more than a hundred pounds higher than what she thought it was.

“I cried and cried but didn’t really know what to do about it,” she admitted. As her confidence continued to suffer, Vanessa’s world continued to get smaller and smaller.

Fast forward a few more years. Vanessa rarely got out of her pajamas, didn’t have the energy to play with her two children and was afraid to go out in public. “My husband did everything for me,” she said. “He even had to do the grocery shopping because I couldn’t face being out in the world with people.” She suffered from high blood pressure, sleep apnea and her knees and back were always hurting.

One day, completely petrified – but also completely fed up with her life as it was – Vanessa made a phone call that completely changed her life. She called Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas.

After a heart-wrenchingly honest and emotional consultation with Dr. Ayoola, it was decided that the duodenal switch was the best choice for her.

The Duodenal Switch is a well-established weight loss surgical procedure that results in excellent weight loss and lasting resolution of health conditions associated with obesity. It tends to produce greater weight loss when compared to other procedures with patients losing from 60-85% of excess body weight.

Post surgery, Vanessa ultimately lost 190 pounds and has kept the weight off. It’s hard to believe six years have transpired since she took the leap of faith and placed her trust in Dr. Ayoola. And she’s so incredibly glad she did.

Vanessa now has three children and is enjoying her life in ways she never did before. “I am pain-free,” she said. “I can walk, I can grocery shop, I enjoy buying clothes. I go out every day with my children for at least one activity. We go to the park. We go to Six Flags and I can ride the rides!”

“I’m such a positive person now,” said Vanessa, her voice teeming with emotion. “I used to be so unhappy and disappointed with myself. But I love my life now. And I look forward to living it every single day.”