Posted - June 1, 2010

Mike: Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Video Transcript

My name is Mike. I had the gastric sleeve surgery approximately ten months ago. I’ve lost around 155 pounds so far and still losing and feeling better. Well, some of the problems I had were bad knees, shortness of breath sometimes you know – working out.

I also have a little girl who just turned two and I want to be more healthy for her so I can play with her and be around for her. Those were the main issues – and of course looking better. That’s definitely a positive now.

Since I’ve had surgery, knee pain is gone. Change in diet, I’m eating a lot more fruit. Its weird, I’m eating things I used to not like. Like fruit, vegetables, things of that nature. Kind of off soft drinks all together, overall diet has improved by far. Feeling better and better every day. I would say absolutely, I would do it all over again. Every time, yes sir.