Posted - January 4, 2013

Make Fitness a Habit after Bariatric Surgery

After seeing a bariatric surgeon in Plano, make fitness a habit

After seeing a bariatric surgeon in Plano, make fitness a habitWhen you’ve recovered enough from bariatric surgery to work out, you may be excited (and a bit nervous) about getting started. Perhaps you’ve thought a bit about the workouts you’ll do and when to fit them into your schedule. After all, your bariatric surgeon in Plano, Lubbock or Dallas has told you how important it is to exercise if you hope to keep off the weight you lose—your workout plans will need to be a priority.

Unfortunately, we don’t always stick to the workout plans we make. When life intervenes or motivation wanes, we can be quick to drop our plans to exercise, convincing ourselves that it’s no big deal, the gym will still be there tomorrow. But if you blow off your exercise plans regularly, you’ll have trouble turning them into habit, and this can slow your fitness progress and make it feel like you’re dragging yourself to every workout.

To get the most out of your routine, you’ll need to be faithful to it. By devoting enough time to exercise, you can make it a no-brainer, something as essential to your daily life as putting your shoes on every morning.

Of course, you may need a little help to accomplish this. To make exercise a habit after bariatric surgery, start by:

  • Staying realistic. What days of the week, and what times on those days, will you be most likely to follow through on your exercise plans? Many people try to force themselves to become morning exercisers and end up snoozing through more workouts than they get up for. Instead, think about the time that will work best for you, your body and your schedule. Remember that three 10-minute workouts are just as good as a 30-minute one—split things up if you need to.
  • Tapping into technology. Need some help with organization? Your phone or computer may have many tools to help you. Try setting up your exercise calendar on a mobile device to give yourself easy access whenever you need it—Google Calendar works well for this purpose. Many phones even allow you to schedule notifications and remind yourself to hit the gym.
  • Have some fun. Be honest: is 30 minutes on the treadmill each day a habit you’ll actually enjoy? You don’t have to subject yourself to the same less-than-exciting activities every week—try classes and explore activities you think you’ll enjoy to stay engaged in healthy new hobbies.

Remember: your workouts are important after weight loss surgery in Plano, Lubbock or Dallas, so give them the same deference you give every other appointment and meeting you schedule. What else has helped you meet the exercise guidelines your bariatric surgeon gave you? Share any useful tips you have in the comments below!