Posted - January 2, 2012

Life after Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a successful form of weight loss treatment that helps many people to reach their weight loss goals and begin living a healthier life. Prior to the weight loss operation your bariatric surgeon will speak with you about the changes that you will need to make following the surgical procedure. While getting a sleeve gastrectomy in Dallas will help you to eat less and develop healthier eating habits, it is up to you to take responsibility and allow the operation to have the intended effect on your weight loss efforts.

It is important to exercise regularly after your gastric sleeve operation. Many people are ready to begin exercising moderately in a number of weeks following their surgery. Your weight loss surgeon can tell you when you will be ready to become active and what type of activities are best for you following the gastric sleeve procedure. The operation will help you to cut your calorie intake, but along with that decreased intake you must also burn more calories by becoming more active. Walking, bike riding and swimming are all great exercise options that you can do at home without having to get a membership to a gym. Instead of focusing on physical activity as a workout, try to develop more active hobbies such as gardening or playing a musical instrument. By moving around more throughout the day you will burn calories and not feel as restricted to a workout regimen.

Your weight loss surgeon will provide you with a list of dietary requirements that you should follow after having gastric sleeve surgery, and it is important to stick to these requirements for your overall health in addition to your weight loss efforts. Instead of thinking of these dietary requirements as a diet, begin to make lifestyle dietary changes. By making an effort to be healthier and not focus on what you are deprived of you can stick to your weight loss goals and begin feeling the benefits of an overall healthier lifestyle.