Posted - May 29, 2014

Duodenal Switch: Jerry – Curing Diabetes with Weight Loss Surgery

I only have one kidney and a lot of the morbid issues I had were causing my kidney function to be lowered. I was suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension and just the medication alone for those issues was causing my kidney function to be lowered. My Primary Care Physician advised me that I needed to do something to get my weight under control. I had the procedure done and since six weeks afterwards, I had lost 38 pounds. 4 days after that, my blood sugar came down to normal range. Another week afterwards and I wasn’t taking any medication at all.* Getting bariatric weight loss surgery was the best decision I’ve made in 20 years concerning my health. Now my health is great! ~ Jerry


The Duodenal Switch and Gastric Bypass are both bariatric weight loss surgery procedures that can address diabetes. The difference is that Duodenal Switch is more aggressive at addressing diabetes. The effects can be felt as quickly as one week after the procedure. The bypassing of the early portion of the small intestine has a dramatic effect on how the body senses sugars and glucose which impacts how it treats itself by releasing insulin. ~ Dr. Ayoola

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