Posted - February 1, 2022

I’m So Grateful – Liza’s Weight Loss Story

Liza K. lives in Houston, where she works as a data records analyst. Liza is a dedicated wife and mother of five. Between her large blended family and her career, she didn’t have much extra time to focus on taking care of herself. Liza admits she was always “the biggest”. The biggest in her family and the biggest in her class at school. Being a student-athlete helped to keep her weight somewhat controlled, but after graduation, she gained even more. “I am a researcher,” said Liza. “I knew I wanted bariatric weight loss surgery, and I wanted to have the most refined and robust procedure. So I did a lot of research.”

Liza landed on the duodenal switch, an innovative weight loss procedure that is a blend of two types of procedures. Part restrictive (gastrectomy) and part malabsorptive (intestinal bypass), this advanced surgery enjoys a great success rate. It is a complex procedure and Liza wanted to find a surgeon who was highly skilled and experienced with this type of bariatric surgery.

Dr. Ayoola: a Trusted Weight Loss Expert

As luck would have it, Liza’s research led her to Dr. Folahan Ayoola (Dr. A) at Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas. He is a renowned surgeon known for his successful work with the duodenal switch and revisional bariatric surgery. “When I found out one of the nation’s best duodenal switch surgeons was right here in Texas, I was so excited,” said Liza.

Liza knew that convincing her skeptical husband about the surgery might be a challenge. She scheduled a virtual consultation with Dr. A and asked her husband to join her. “By the end of the call, my husband was totally convinced,” said Liza. “We both really appreciated how warm, encouraging, non-judgemental, and just how patient and helpful he was with us and all of our questions.”

The Right Solution at the Right Time

Liza had her weight loss surgery in November of 2018 and, to date, she has lost more than 240 pounds! She has more energy than she has had in years and enjoys walking for exercise. “The duodenal switch was the right tool for me,” she said. “It helped me to do what I needed to do to lose the weight for good.”

Liza says she went through with the surgery for herself but also for her family. “It was like putting the oxygen mask on myself first before helping my family,” she said. “Now I have the health and the energy to care for my family, including my aging parents.”

“I have a life now,” she added. “And I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to do so many things I’ve always wanted to do.”

Find Your Solution

If, like Liza, you’re tired of the endless cycle of extreme diets, the latest pills and weight-loss fads, of losing some weight only to gain it all back (and maybe even more)…

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