Posted - June 20, 2009

How to Know You are Resisting Change

Changing your eating and exercising routines is all about embracing change. For some, this is more difficult than they might anticipate. Sometimes, you get so comfortable in your current habits and lifestyle that the prospect of change seems frightening. When this happens, you may begin resisting change by sabotaging yourself. Cheating on your diet, skipping workouts, and not measuring your foods are some self-sabotaging behaviors that indicate change resistance.

Other ways you can recognize change resistance in yourself is when you find that you never seem to make enough time to buy appropriate groceries, cook healthy dinners, and work out fully. Ironically, you may fool yourself relatively easily and convince yourself that these situations are legitimate examples of your heavily restrictive schedule. In reality, if you really want to get results on your diet, you will find time for it.

Another activity that indicates a resistance to change is planning your diet and exercise routine, but never actually starting it. If you find yourself writing out elaborate eating and exercise plans but never actually doing them, you could be resistant to change.

Successful weight loss after weight loss surgery only comes with lifestyle change. It is rarely easy, but always worth the effort.

Do you have an experience where you found yourself resisting change? How did you overcome it?