Posted - May 8, 2010

How New Healthcare Legislation Affects You

If you’re obese, the future of healthcare for you may seem uncertain. While it’s unknown how greatly you’ll be affected by healthcare reform until the courts and the market responds, it’s helpful to be informed about what the current healthcare reform bill means for you.

The Positives:

  • People with preexisting conditions, including obesity and obesity-related illnesses, will be able to purchase insurance.
  • Preventive services will be provided, including intensive behavioral counseling for obesity.
  • Insurance companies will be prohibited from rescinding coverage for illnesses such as obesity.
  • People who participate in behavior modification plans will qualify for incentives.
  • Restaurants will have to disclose the caloric value of every item on their menus.
  • The standards for medical diagnostic equipment will be developed to make equipment accessible and usable for obese patients.
  • A national strategy will be developed that will create healthier school environments, increase access to nutrition and physical activity, and focus primarily on the prevention of obesity.

The Negatives:

  • The threshold for deducting medical expenses that are not reimbursed will rise from 7.5% to 10% of your adjusted gross income. This could impact bariatric surgery patients who pay for their surgery out of pocket.
  • Employers can institute wellness programs that reward employees 30 to 50% of the cost of their health insurance premium if they meet employer-specified health conditions. This means that people who cannot meet employer-set targets could be burdened with higher healthcare expenses.

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