Posted - January 10, 2009

Gina Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

Gina Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Weight Loss Surgery -December 2005

I had RNY done laproscopically by Dr. Stewart on December 21, 2005. I weighed 386 pounds and had a BMI of 60.

I was told that there was a good chance that I would have to end up having the RNY open due to my size. However Dr. Stewart stuck with it and kept it a laproscopically preformed surgery, for which I was VERY grateful! My goal was to get to 190 pounds as that would get me out of the OBESE category and that was a huge loss for me. I reached that goal March 20, 2007 15 months post op. I hit the 200 pound lost mark on April 11, 2007. I did my 1st ever 5k walk/race May 15. 2007. On July 2, 2007 I again trusted Dr. Stewart for surgery when he removed 12.5 pounds of skin off my tummy ( my panni ) I am beyond happy with Dr. Stewart and my new life.

This morning I weighed 171 pounds at 5’8 the ME personally that is thin. I am finished with the losing part of my journey and am in the maintaining part that will last my entire life.  I went from a size 38 and that ISNT the waist size to a 12-14 in Jeans and a 8-10 it skirts and dresses! This gave me back my life! Thank you Dr. Stewart and staff!