Posted - December 15, 2011

Getting Adjustments for Your Lap Band

Before you have Lap Band gastric weight loss surgery in Plano, you should be familiar with the process and know what to expect afterward. After you have the surgery to insert your Lap Band system, you will need to have the Lap Band adjusted from time to time to keep it effective.

During these adjustments, your surgeon will use the access port of the system to either add or remove fluid from your lap band. The access port permits changes in the size of the silicone band with a saline solution. By tightening the band, less food is required for you to feel full. Likewise, as the band is loosened your body will require more food to feel full. When the band is deflated completely your stomach has near normal functioning. Most people require between five and eight adjustments during the first year after your surgery, with the first adjustment usually occurring about four to six weeks after your gastric weight loss surgery in Plano.

If your Lap Band is adjusted properly, you will not experience hunger between meals, you will be losing weight while eating the proper portions. In addition, though your calorie intake will be much less than previously, you will feel satisfied with what you are eating. However, if you are not losing weight and you experience hunger in between meals, then you may need to have more fluid added into your Lap Band. On the other hand, if you are experiencing problems with regurgitation, poor weight loss, a night cough and discomfort when eating you may need to have some fluid removed from your Lap Band. Achieving the right balance is important for successful weight loss, so make sure you tell your surgeon about any issues you are having with your Lap Band system.